One, Number Lord of Identity

It’s uncertain whether One is as old as Zero or imperceptibly younger. Regardless, it battled Zero in the Number Realm’s early days, stopping only when the two accidentally activated the first mathematical operator. Looking at the newly created lesser “1,” the Number Lords forged a grudging alliance. Their union formed the rest of their peers. One has never let any of the other Number Lords or lesser Numbers forget this point.

As Number Lords go, One is surprisingly stable. It rarely goes on destructive rampages throughout its abstract surroundings, participates in intrigues only to protect its territory or support Zero, and busies itself maintaining the enchantments and rituals that keep the Numbers (mostly) fed. This is a good thing. One refuses to acknowledge that anything but it exists. The Number Lord fears that if it dies, reality will too. For this reason, it ditches its (relatively) tranquil facade in fights and lashes out with cold, controlled, and reptilian malice.

One is not easily subdued, either. Not only is it the Number Lord of Identity, it’s the patron of bureaucracies. Bureaucracy is a necessary evil of civilization and a primary social marker of identity. The hassles of procedure and paperwork are its armor. Likewise, One is incredibly hard to affect with the Numbers’ customary magical techniques and difficult to dissuade. The lesser Numbers don’t even try, and even Zero prefers to parley with its consort rather than risk a temper tantrum.

+1 ECL Racial Template: Number Lord

  • Self-Development:
    • +8 Intelligence (24 CP).
    • +4 Wisdom (12 CP)
    • +4 to any one attribute (12 CP)
      • Note that, in the Manifold, attribute bonuses are purchased at half cost; in other settings these bonuses should be halved.
  • Nightsight: Occult Sense/Darkvision (Rather like Neo’s view in “The Matrix”) (6 CP).
  • Celerity, with Additional Movement Mode (Flight, 30′) (18 CP).
  • Enthusiast, Specialized in Skills for Double Effect (two floating skill points) (3 CP).
  • Intellectual Focus: Augmented Bonus/may add their Cha Mod to their scores in Intelligence-related skills (6 CP).
  • Magic Resistant: Resist/+2 bonus to Saves versus Spells (3 CP).
  • Mathematical Hexcrafting:
    • +6 Base Caster Levels, Specialized in Hexcrafting, Corrupted/displays unnaturally alien magic when used (12 CP).
    • 12 Hexcrafting Card Slots, Specialized and Corrupted/Destructive Side Effects, Must drain Charisma from others to regain powers, Narrowly “themed” deck (mathematics / physics, exchanges, etc). 6 points/card base, net 2 points/card (12 CP).
      • The mathematical powers of the Number Lords are normally based on Intelligence – which almost always qualifies them for two bonus card slots and makes their spells rather difficult to resist.
  • Witchcraft: All Number Lords have basic Witchcraft (18 CP) with three Pacts – Karmic Links (to fulfill their need for balance), Vampirism (their touch drains 1d4 Charisma, both restoring their psychic powers and fulfilling the prerequisites for them to regain their hexcrafting slots), and Duties (must respond when properly invoked), for (-18 CP) – and a net total of zero.
  • Inherent Magic: Innate Enchantment, all abilities unlimited use-activated, personal-only (x.7 cost) where applicable. 15,000 GP base value (16 CP).
    • +2 Intelligence (1400 GP).
    • +2 Charisma (1400 GP).
    • +2 Wisdom (1400 GP).
    • Immortal Vigor I (+2d6 – effectively 12 due to at-will use, +2x Con Mod HP, 1400 GP).
    • Warding Rune (1 + Caster Level/3, +4 max, resistance bonus on saves, 1400 GP).
    • Skill Mastery (+3 to Intelligence-based skills) (1400 GP).
    • Shield (a barrier of lesser numbers) (2000 GP).
    • Unseen Servant (2000 GP).
    • Obscuring Mist 1/Day (A cloud of lesser numbers) (400 GP)
    • Cause Fear 1/Day (400 GP).
    • Calculate (Instantly solves a mathematical problem) 1/Day (200 GP).
    • Call to Mind 1/Day (400 GP).
    • Mage Armor (a cloud of lesser numbers) 1/Day (400 GP).
    • Cause Fear 1/Day (They are eldritch abominations) (400 GP).
    • Hypnotism 1/Day (Talking Shop) (400 GP).
    • Sleep 1/Day (Talking Shop) (400 GP).
  • Immunity/Stacking limits when combining innate enchantment effects with external effects (Common, Minor, Trivial – only covers L1 effects, 2 CP).
  • Immunity/Dispelling and Antimagic (Common, Major, Epic, Specialized and Corrupted/only protects innate enchantments that provide personal augmentations, 9 CP).
  • Immunity/the normal XP cost of Innate Enchantments (Uncommon, Minor, Trivial [only covers first level effects at caster level one], Specialized/only to cover initial racial abilities, 1 CP).
  • Template Disadvantages: Inept (Charisma-Related Skills), Compulsive (Attempts to eliminate “unnatural” power sources), Poor Reputation (Insane godlings), for a net -10 CP.
  • Specialized: Number Lords are pretty obviously inhuman (they’re floating numerals), apparently lack limbs (they can’t wear things, although they can manipulate objects as if they had hands), and speak in a sourceless voice which seems to echo horrifyingly inside the listener’s heads. Perhaps most importantly, they’re incapable of using magical or psionically-powered items of any kind – and are fundamentally crazy. They can use technology, but rarely find any that’s suitable. They often cannot even MANIFEST in rational worlds…

Identifying Characteristics and Basic Appearance: 12′, 500 lbs, age unknown (just like Zero, One claims to have always existed). As Zero’s consort, Lord One is sometimes referred to as “Lady One” or a “she”; the Number Lord does not care either way. It typically appears as a massive floating “1” with no apparent limbs or sensory organs. Its brilliant but tightly controlled green aura rarely extends an inch past its body, and its tip is capable of skewering grown humans. The Number Lord’s telepathic voice sounds like the drone of a massive waiting room. Zero finds it oddly soothing.

Personality: One is a relatively calm Number Lord. Even when it’s angry, it usually maintains control of its rage and a tight focus on its primary target (a stark contrast to Zero). One’s belief that it is the only truly real being helps it keep its cool; it isn’t wise to destroy possessions unnecessarily. In particular, One sees its fellow Number Lords as manifestations of its own psyche and treats them more respectfully. Zero receives the most attention of them all. After all, the Number Lord of Eternity somehow managed to come into existence without One creating it! Zero’s existence intrigues One enough that it’s willing to let it live, procreate solely with it, and even bend to its will. The last is otherwise unheard of among Number Lords.

Available Character Points

Accursed (is Zero’s consort, unable to procreate with other Numbers and bound to compromise with it), Hunted (rival Number Lords), and Insane (doesn’t believe anything but it actually exists, +10 CP); Duties (Zero’s consort and a Greater Number Lord in its own right, +2 CP/Level). Total 264 CP L10 Base + 10 (Disads) + 2o (Duties) = 294 CP

Basics (65 CP)

Attributes: Strength 20 (+5), Dexterity 13 (+1), Constitution 17 (+3), Intelligence 28 (+9), Wisdom 25 (+7), Charisma 16 (+3). Rolled Attributes: 12, 13, 14, 15, 15, 16.

Saves: Fortitude +3 (9 CP) + 3 (Con) + 4 (Magic) = +10, Reflex +5 (15 CP) + 1 (Dex) + 4 (Magic) = +10, Will +7 (21 CP) + 7 (Wis) + 4 (Magic) + 9 (Circumstantial Int) = +18/+27 against mind-affecting abilities.

Hit Dice: L1-10: d6x10 (20 CP). HP 48 + 30 (Con) + 18 (Magic) = 96 HP, 58 in non-magical realms (if it can even manifest)

Free Languages: Binary (Native); Arabic, English, French, Greek, Hindi, Japanese, Latin, Mandarin, and Spanish. These are only the languages One has chosen to know permanently; it can gain many more through its hexcrafting.

Combat Information (44 CP)

Proficiencies: All Simple Weapons, Economic Weapons, and Psychological Weapons (15 CP- 4 from Dex = 11 CP); Light Armor (3 CP)

Move: 30 ft. fly


BAB: +5 (30 CP)

AC: 10 (Base) + 1 (Dex) + 7 (Wis) + 2 (Armor) + 2 (Natural Armor) – 1 (Size) + 4 (Deflection) = 25 (29 with mage armor active). One has 7 points of universal damage reduction.

Usual Weapons

Pointed Tip: +9 melee (+5 BAB, +5 Str, -1 size), 1d6+5 bludgeoning (+5 Str). One isn’t that much of a direct combatant; it usually lets Zero handle that.

Abilities (185 CP)

  • Awareness (Flankless, Defensive) (15 CP)
  • Costly/Arcane Magic (12 CP): +1 spell level to affect the character.
  • Costly/Divine Magic (12 CP): +1 spell level to affect the character.
  • Costly/Witchcraft (Improved) (24 CP): +4 Power to affect the character.
  • Favors/other Number Lords (Major) (6 CP)
  • Fortune/Defiant (6 CP)
  • Greater Mathematical Hexcrafting:
    • +15 Base Caster Levels, Specialized in Hexcrafting, Corrupted/displays unnaturally alien magic when used (30 CP)
    • +4 Card Slots, Specialized and Corrupted/Destructive Side Effects, Must drain Charisma from others to regain powers, Narrowly “themed” deck (mathematics / physics, exchanges, etc). 6 points/card base, net 2 points/card (8 CP)
    • +12 “Free” Invocations, Specialized and Corrupted/Destructive Side Effects, Must drain Charisma from others to regain powers (12 CP)
    • Although One commands nearly as much raw power as Zero, the Number Lord of Identity has chosen to focus on comparatively weak “Major” effects. It has several reasons for this decision. Major effects are easier to contain, cover a wide variety of useful abilities, and help it maintain its authority. After all, they’re the height of most lesser Numbers’ hexes, and frequently displaying such power makes an impact.
  • Greater Number Lord Inherent Magic: Innate Enchantment, all abilities unlimited use-activated, personal-only (x.7 cost) where applicable. +2300 GP to base value (+3 CP)
    • Command 1/day (400 GP)
    • Enlarge Monster (1400 GP). Greater Number Lords become physically larger than their peers, a useful trait for getting to “food” first.
    • Summon Monster I at will (50o GP). Greater Number Lords can only summon lesser Numbers derived from them. They never have an ECL higher than 1, making them 0-level characters, but a Greater Number Lord can always count on having at least one minion at hand.
  • Martial Arts (6 CP): 1d6 unarmed damage, counts as an armed attacker.
  • 9d6 Power, Specialized, Must drain Charisma from others to restore (9 CP): One adds 58 points to its Witchcraft Power reserve.
  • Spell Resistance (6 CP): 5+Level spell resistance.
  • Stoic (Ferocity, Juggernaut) (15 CP): One’s solipsism is so strong that it can refuse to acknowledge destruction for a short period. This is usually enough time to kill whatever killed it.
  • Skill Points: 21 CP + 117 (Int) = 138 SP

Bonus Abilities

  • Augmented Bonus/Constant Self-Analysis (Improved), Corrupted, Only against mind-affecting abilities (8 CP): Add Int Mod to Wis Mod for Will saves against mind-affecting abilities.
  • Leadership, Specialized, May only take Numbers as followers (3 CP)
  • Occult Ritual, Specialized, Only for Number Realms rituals (3 CP): As a Number Lord, One knows how to use the Number Realm’s countless mathematical operators to their fullest potential.
  • Test of Wills (Checked, Subordinated, Mob), Corrupted, Will rolls at -10 against non-Numeric opponents (10 CP): One can cow entire hordes of lesser Numbers and some of its weaker peers with little more than its mental focus and subtle telepathic influences. This doesn’t work as well against mortal psyches, which require a bit more physical context for intimidation.

Broad Skills (All +9 Int, 112 SP)

Physical Skills (14 SP): Aerobatics (Dex) +17 (7 SP), Stealth (Dex-4 Size) +13 (7 SP)

Knowledge Skills (All +3 Magic, +3 Charisma, 51 SP): Arcana (Int) +30 (6 SP), Mathematics (Int) +37 (13 SP), Physics (Int) +37 (13 SP), Psionics (Int) +30 (6 SP), Spellcraft (Int) +37 (13 SP)

Perception Skills (46 SP): Listen (Wis) +29 (13 SP), Search (Int, +3 Magic, +3 Charisma) +34 (7 SP), Sense Motive (Wis) +29 (13 SP), Spot (Wis) +29 (13 SP)

Other Skills (1 SP): Gadgetry (Dex) +11 (1 SP)

Narrow Skills (All +9 Int, +5 Training, 26 SP)

Knowledge Skills (All +3 Magic, +3 Charisma, 6 SP): Earth (Int) +24 (1 SP), Number Realm Current Events (Int) +24 (1 SP), Number Realm Geography (Int) +24 (1 SP), Number Realm History (Int) +24 (1 SP), Number Realm Politics (Int) +24 (1 SP), Outer Rim (Int) +24 (1 SP)

Other Skills (All Cha-based skills -2 Inept, All Cha-based skills except Intimidation and Wealth -6 Reputation, 20 SP): Bargaining (Cha) +10 (1 SP), Bluff (Cha) +10 (1 SP), Diplomacy (Cha) +10 (1 SP), Gather Information (Cha) +10 (1 SP), Intimidation (Cha) +20 (5 SP), Public Speaking (Cha) +10 (1 SP), Wealth/Number Realm (Cha) +25 (10 SP)

Specialties (1 SP): Earth/Battling Business World +3.

Witchcraft Powers

Power Reserve: 71 Power.

Basic Powers Known: The Adamant Will, Dreamfaring, Glamour, Healing, Hyloka, The Hand of Shadows, and The Inner Eye.

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