Humanoid Sapient Device

Japan is probably the most technologically sophisticated nation in Battling Business World. Where it really excels is robotics. Japanese robots come in a dizzying variety of shapes and forms. The rarest of all are sentient humanoid aides and bodyguards. They inevitably look like male and female Japanese Battlers. Ingenious modifications allow them to fake eating and drinking, and they even bleed and sweat. Only their electrical components imply their artificial origins. Their already-present ability to understand and fulfill commands seems to forestall true sapience. This is the interference of the Numbers, who believe Japan doesn’t need any more anime weirdness. Even they can’t stop the occasional robot from awakening.

Awakened robots are the most human sapient devices in existence. After all, they were meant to respond to human commands. They still don’t understand many parts of human culture without socialization training, they feel no innate need for romance, and they (usually) don’t care about religion. Otherwise, they can hide among humans with near impunity. This worries the citizens of Battling Business Japan. A sapient copier is obviously inhuman and relatively easy to pacify with ink, toner, and a break. Anybody could actually be a humanoid sapient device. Therefore, the Japanese keep known examples on short leashes. Those without legal owners soon find that they have them-or a sudden need to go on the run.

+1 ECL Race: Humanoid Sapient Device

  • Fast Learner/Specialized in Skills: +2 SP/Level (6 CP).
  • +4 Intelligence (Normally 24 CP, reduced to 12 CP by world laws).
  • +2 Constitution (Normally 12 CP, reduced to 6 CP by world laws). Humanoid devices’ creators build them to standard human proportions. In addition to making them look far less whimsical, this design change allows them standard human coordination and mobility.
  • Immunity/Aging (can expect to live almost indefinitely, uncommon / minor / major, 3 CP).
  • Damage Reduction 5/- (12 CP) and Defender (Improved)[ (+Level/5 rounded down + 1 natural armor] (12 CP). Just like their stranger-looking cousins, humanoid devices trade healing capabilities for durability.
  • Extraordinary Returning (Specialized, Requires being “animated” with standard cel-based or 3D animation tools) (3 CP). Humanoid devices are all too similar to human Battlers. They have trouble thinking of themselves as creations (despite being artificial to begin with) and don’t know about this ability.
  • Martial Arts: Counts as armed and inflicts 1d4 damage when fighting unarmed (3 CP).
  • Innate Enchantment: All spells Personal Only: Regenerate Light Wounds (1/Round, up to 20 points/level/day maximum, 1400 GP) and Immortal Vigor I (+12 + 2x Con Mod HP, 1400 GP). 2800 GP total, 6 CP.
  • 6 CP dedicated to the device’s intended function. Because humanoid sapient devices were intended to appear indistinguishable from real humans, they can’t have functions as exotic as standard sapient devices. They typically have skills, Assistant, or Innate Enchantments. Illegal models often have Cloaking to appear human to supernatural senses and divination.
  • Template Disadvantages:
    • Distinctive Features: All humanoid sapient devices have hints of mechanical components somewhere on their bodies, usually power ports on their tailbones or the backs of their necks. If scanned or surgically examined, they obviously aren’t human. Thankfully, this is usually as obvious as things get. Battlers are notoriously willing to overlook odd things like their coworker seeping hydraulic fluid or electricity instead of blood (-3 CP).
    • Insane: Most toons are blasé, even bored, in even the most dangerous and deadly situations (-3 CP).
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