Todd Jenkins, Troubled Archer-Traditionalist

Although he doesn’t know it, Todd Jenkins is the poster boy for giving the Numbers a wide berth. He distinguished himself during the British Traditionalists’ efforts to repel the mad gods of mathematics. The battling business student was among the few who wounded one of the enemy: in his case, Zero. The Number Lord of Eternity’s rage could have destroyed entire realms. Even after meddling with the Welshman’s memories and severely whittling down his selection of Paths, its thirst for vengeance remained unslaked. It waited for an opportunity to ruin his life.

Two characteristics differentiated Todd from most of his Traditionalist colleagues: he was fiscally minded and he hated to use his abilities for a Crown that had oppressed his people. He got an American work visa after graduating from the University of Wales at Swansea. Settling in New York City, the young freelancer pursued naturalized citizenship and wealth. The first wasn’t a problem after several archery ambushes. The second wasn’t to be.

There was just something about Terry Giordano. Whenever he ran into the freelancer accountant, Todd felt the world was perfect. He had no idea Zero was manipulating him into a relationship with its foremost champion. How could he? All his memories of encountering the Supreme Number Lord were gone, and even master Traditionalists couldn’t resist its divine power. So Todd took the bait, and no matter how much punishment his new wife inflicted on him, he could see no wrong in her.

After five years and permission from her master, Terry Jenkins divorced her husband. Todd was devastated. Still, he was willing to let bygones be bygones; surely he had done something to offend her. One day, he went to the bank and found his accounts completely drained. The records pointed to an accounting transaction. In fact, the receiving account was his ex-wife’s. Todd’s reaction was decidedly un-British. He snapped, yelling that if his wife still wanted his money, that meant they were still married. Then he slammed his head into an elegant marble wall until bank security hustled him to the street.

His life has only become more hellish since then. That Transfer Funds transaction is ongoing, which means that Todd’s bank deposits instantly go to his ex-wife. Even money left as cash finds its way to her. Worse, Zero subtly goads him into trying to save his marriage. It’s no wonder he descended into the forbidden high of wallbanging and the comfortable delusion that his marriage is merely in a rough phase. This “rough phase” has lasted fifteen years.

Yet Todd Jenkins perseveres. Clients trickle into his shabby office/apartment, expecting a disappointment for throwaway raids. Fortunately for him, ranged combat specialists and Traditionalists are rare in American battling business-and he’s competent despite his various insanities. He retains just enough clients to maintain his office. Eventually he hopes to persuade his beloved Terry to let him back into “their” condo.

Identifying Characteristics: 5’8”, 150 lbs, 48 years old; black hair and mustache, dark brown eyes, swarthy skin; constant bruises and dried blood on forehead, a sure sign of wallbanging.
Basic Appearance: At one time, Todd Jenkins was the model of a natty British gentleman. His financial troubles and descent into insanity (even for Battling Business World) have put an end to that. Nowadays, he’s clearly a man who pays little attention to his appearance. His gray freelancer’s suits and understated bowties are filthy and tattered, he goes days without washing or shaving, and he rarely hides signs of his wallbanging. His teeth are what people would expect from the British: yellow and crooked. Only his mustache, a well-trimmed chevron, seems to receive frequent grooming.
Personality: In many ways, Todd is a stereotypical Battler Welshman. He’s reserved, soft-spoken, fond of rugby and tea, graced with dry wit, and polite (even when he’s filling people with arrows). He should be an asset to any company. Unfortunately, he’s full of another classic Welsh trait: stubbornness. It doesn’t matter that Terry Jenkins responds to his mere presence by disemboweling him or that she’s seeded “their” front yard with land mines. Todd believes he can save their (nonexistent) marriage. Zero’s subconscious encouragement only bolsters his stubbornness, and it spurs him to wallbang whenever his resolve begins to fade.

+1 ECL “Race”: Cartoon Critter (Human) (58 CP)

  • Fast Learner/Specialized in Skills: +2 SP/Level (6 CP).
  • +4 Intelligence (Normally 24 CP, reduced to 12 CP by world laws).
  • +2 to any one attribute (normally 12 CP, reduced to 6 CP by world laws).
  • Immunity/Aging (can expect to live almost indefinitely, uncommon / minor / major, 3 CP).
  • Grant of Aid: May heal 1d8+5 damage OR 1d3 points of attribute damage OR one negative level once per three levels per day or part thereof, 6 CP), with both Regenerative options (6 CP) and +8 Bonus Uses (12 CP). In Core, this requires several hours per use unless the user spends a magic point.
  • Extraordinary Returning (Specialized, Requires being “animated” with standard cel-based or 3D animation tools) (3 CP).
  • Innate Enchantment: All spells Personal Only: Rubber Fall (resembles Feather Fall, but you have to peel yourself off the ground, 1400 GP), Regenerate Light Wounds (1/Round, up to 20 points/level/day maximum, 1400 GP), Cure Light Wounds (1d8+1 1/level/day as needed, 1400 GP), Immortal Vigor I (+12 + 2x Con Mod HP, 1400 GP), and Void Sheathe (may store a single weapon in “nowhere” and pull it out as needed, half cost due to single weapon restriction, 350 GP). 5950 GP total, 7 CP.
  • Template Disadvantages: Insane (most toons are blasé, even bored, in even the most dangerous and deadly situations, -3 CP)

Disadvantages and CP Modifiers
Accursed (has personally offended Zero, making his life a financial and psychological hell), Compulsive (wallbanging), and Insane (has convinced himself the divorce never happened, +10 CP); Duties (has paying clients despite the above issues, +2 CP/Level). Total 144 L5 Base + 10 (Disads) + 10 (Duties) = 164 CP.

Basics (31 CP)
Attributes: Strength 13 (+1), Dexterity 20 (+5), Constitution 14 (+2/2 magic points), Intelligence 18 (+4), Wisdom 15 (+2), Charisma 16 (+3/6 free contacts). Rolled Attributes 13, 14, 14, 15, 16, 17.
Hit Dice: L1-5: d6x5 (10 CP). HP 18 + 10 (Con) + 16 (Magic) = 44, 28 in nonmagical realms.
Saves: Fortitude +1 (3 CP) + 2 (Con) = +3, Reflex +2 (6 CP) + 5 (Dex) = +7, Will +4 (12 CP) + 2 (Wis) = +6
Reputation: +1 (Master Archer, Master Traditionalist, and Definite Psychiatric Case)
Languages Known: English (native); French, German, Spanish, and Welsh.

Combat Information (19 CP)
Proficiencies: All Simple and Martial Weapons (9 CP – 8 from Dex = 1 CP), and Light Armor (3 CP)
Move: 30 ft.
Initiative: +5
BAB: +2 (12 CP); +1, Specialized, Ranged only (3 CP)
Armor Class: 10 (Base) + 5 (Dex) + 2 (Wis) + 2 (armor) = 19. Todd has 1 point of damage reduction.

Usual Weapons:

  • Ariannaidd:
    • Single Shot: +11 ranged [+3 (BAB) + 5 (Dex) + 1 (Magic) + 2 (Martial Arts)], 1d12+6 piercing [+5 (Dex) + 1 (Magic)] + 2d6 Sneak Attack,  20/x3, range increment 100 ft.
    • Rapid Shot/One-Man Volley Technique: +9/+9 ranged [+3 (BAB) + 5 (Dex) + 1 (Magic) + 2 (Martial Arts) – 2 (Rapid Shot)], 1d12+6/1d12+6 piercing [+5 (Dex) + 1 (Magic)] + 2d6 Sneak Attack, 20/x3, range increment 100 ft.
    • Focused Blow/Knight-and-Horse-Slaying Arrow: +11 ranged [+3 (BAB) + 5 (Dex) + 1 (Magic) + 2 (Martial Arts)], 2d12+12 piercing [+5 (Dex) + 1 (Magic)]+ 2d6 Sneak Attack,  20/x3, range increment 100 ft. Costs 2 Con points (or 2 Mana).
    • Occasionally, Todd scrounges up a mundane longbow for subtle firing. Considering how his Imbuement works, the only change is a need for ammunition.
  • Shortsword: +3 melee [+2 BAB + 1 (Str)], 1d6+1 piercing [+1 (Str)], 19-20/x2.

Abilities (114 CP)

  • Evasive/Using projectile weapons in melee (Very Common) (12 CP)
  • Fortune/Evasion (6 CP)
  • Immunity/Firing into melee penalties (Common/Minor/Minor) (4 CP)
  • Innate Enchantment (4760 GP/6 CP): All spells personal-use, at will unless noted, caster level one where applicable.
    • Brew (700 GP)
    • Create Water (700 GP)
    • Dry Welsh Wit (1260 GP): +3 to Charisma-based skills as long as the user is polite, soft-spoken, and witty. While this does not rule out the use of the Intimidation skill, it does limit it to innuendos and veiled threats.
    • Ghost Sound (700 GP)
    • Pass without Trace (1400 GP)
  • Privilege/Battling Business License (3 CP): Todd always has enough money to maintain his credentials. This is the one mercy his ex-wife and Zero grant him.
  • Traditionalist of Cunning:
    • Imbuement/Longbows, Corrupted, Must have at least one point of Mana in reserve to grant effects (4 CP): Any longbow wielded by Todd counts as a magic weapon and gains a +Level/4 bonus to attack and damage rolls.
    • 3d6 Mana/Resilience (12 CP): Reserve of 12 Mana, usable for countering attribute drains, damage, level drains, and mind-affecting powers.
    • 5 Manifester Levels, Specialized, Only for Tradition of Cunning Paths (15 CP)
    • Path/Confusion (6 CP)
    • Path/Footwork (6 CP)
    • Path/Lesser Insights (6 CP)
    • Powers Known:
      • 1st (1 pp/1 Mana)-burst, catfall, defensive precognition, distract, disable, offensive precognition, offensive prescience, skate, stomp
      • 2nd (3 pp/1 Mana)-cloud mind, detect hostile intent, elfsight, hustle, personal haste
      • 3rd (5 pp/2 Mana)-dimension slide, false sensory input, touchsight, ubiquitous vision
    • Spirit Weapon/Longbow “Ariannaidd” (Exotic Appearance), Corrupted, Must have at least one point of Mana in reserve to summon (8 CP): “Silvery” appears to be a longbow made of starlight. Its infinite arrows are miniature silver comets.
  • Skill Points: 20 CP + 32 (Int) + 10 (Racial) = 62 SP

Bonus Abilities (no cost)
Legionary (6 CP): No British battling businessperson would be caught dead without this ability.
Split Movement/Ranged Attacks (6 CP)

Skills (62 SP)
Broad Skills (44 SP, all +4 Int)
Physical Skills (17 SP): Acrobatics (Dex) +10 (1 SP), Blindshaft Technique (Dex) +17 (8 SP), Stealth (Dex) +17 (8 SP)
Knowledge Skills (12 SP): Business (Int) +16 (8 SP), Psionics (Int) +12 (4 SP)

Perception Skills (15 SP): Listen (Wis) +10 (4 SP), Sense Motive (Wis) +10 (4 SP) , Spot (Wis) +13 (7 SP)
Narrow Skills (16 SP, all +4 Int, +5 Training)
Physical Skills (5 SP): Climb (Str) +13 (1 SP), Concentration (Con) +12 (1 SP), Drive/Automobile (Dex) +15 (1 SP), Jump (Str) +11 (1 SP), Rugby (Str) +11 (1 SP)
Knowledge Skills (4 SP): Battling Business Regulations (Int) +14 (1 SP), Contract Law (Int) +14 (1 SP), Occult History (Int) +14 (1 SP), Urban Survival (Int) +14 (1 SP)
Other Skills (7 SP): Bluff (Cha) +18 (1 SP), Diplomacy (Cha) +18 (1 SP), Etiquette (Int) +14 (1 SP), Gather Information (Cha) +18 (1 SP), Intimidation (Cha) +18 (1 SP), Negotiation (Cha) +18 (1 SP), Scrounging (Wis) +12 (1 SP)
Specialties (2 SP): Occult History/The Traditions +3 (1 SP), Stealth/Against Humanoids +3 (1 SP)

Blindshaft Technique (Dex)
The Blindshaft Technique is the most prestigious longbow style in Wales, if not all of Battling Business Britain. Dating prior to the Norman conquest, this martial art focuses on audacious skirmishing and maneuverability. Practitioners consider standing toe to toe with a target, firing, and escaping unscathed standard battle procedure. The style’s masters often do it before anyone notices their presence. In fact, they delight in using their abilities to sow distrust among their foes.
Requirements: Proficiency with longbows and Point Blank Shot (or point buy equivalent). Occult Techniques require Shot on the Run (or point buy equivalent) and training in Acrobatics and Stealth.
Basic Techniques: Attack 4, Power 2 (1d12 with longbow), and Synergy (Acrobatics, Stealth)
Advanced Techniques: Mobility, Rapid Shot, and Sneak Attack 2 (+2d6)
Occult Techniques: Focused Blow, Light Foot, Touch Strike, and Vanishing
Techniques Known: Attack 2, Power 2 (“Archer’s Precision”), Mobility (“Escaping the Headsman’s Blade”), Rapid Shot (“One-Man Volley Technique”), Sneak Attack 2, and Focused Blow (“Knight-and-Horse-Slaying Arrow”)

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