Rudra at 2nd Level

Thunder Dwarf (+0 ECL Race)

  • Use of Charms and Talismans: Shaping, Corrupted and Specialized for increased (level one and weak level two) effects/can only produce the effects for which the user has the appropriate foci ready, can only support a limited number (seven and three) of minor charms and more notable talismans at one time, charms and talismans are modestly expensive (and thus are limited by wealth and lifestyle) and take some time to attune for use (6 CP).
  • Use of Relics: Double Enthusiast, Specialized in Relics for Increased Effect (may use 4 CP worth of relics, 6 CP)
  • Tied to the Earth: The Persistent metamagic theorem, Specialized in Improved Persistent (giving spells a roughly 24-hour duration, 3 CP), with two levels of Streamline, Specialized in Persistent (12 CP). Essentially, all their spells with durations are tied into the energies of the earth, and have effective durations of twenty-four hours.
  • The Thunder Forge: Channeling (technically of elemental forces) 9 Uses/Day, Specialized/only for spell conversion, plus Spell Conversion/Four spells of up to level six related to a particular elemental theme. Both are Corrupted/the “user” is deeply tied to the elemental forces of the world. The local environmental conditions will affect his or her moods, he or she must make fortitude saves against Dispel and Anti-magical effects to resist being stunned for 1d4 rounds, and he or she can be easily detected by appropriate senses (15 CP). Note that, for effects with durations, the Tied to the Earth ability is effective.
  • Elemental Mastery: May produce any effect related to their element of up to level three (L3 base, +2 levels for any spell within a limited theme, +1 level for local casting requirements).
  • Spellbinding: Allows the user to bind a spell of up to level three into a dust, potion, or small charm. Such a spell can be released by some simple action – drinking or applying the potion, scattering the dust, rubbing or breaking the talisman, or using a command word – as specified when the item is created. Sadly, the ingredients may still be a bit bothersome to come up with and this still costs (Spell Level x Caster Level x 2) XP.
  • Swift Elemental Mastery: May produce a defensive or self-enhancing effect related to their element of up to level two as a swift action (L2 base, +1 level for any spell within a very limited theme, +2 levels for swift action, +1 level for local casting requirements).
  • Elemental Bond: This “spell” is automatically “cast” when the appropriate elemental flux is at its daily peak, leaving only eight uses of Channeling available for other purposes. This is a variant on the basic Summon-into-yourself routine effect from The Practical Enchanter, although it’s “summoning” raw elemental power rather than an actual elemental spirit. The effects, however, are almost identical (a L5 effect, +1 level for local casting requirements): The user gains:
  • +2d8 bonus hit dice and the appropriate constitution modifiers. Since these are acquired at level one, they are maximized as usual.
  • The ability to sense and analyze items and occult energies within his or her affinity. Thus a dwarf attuned to the Earth Thunder can sense the structure of stone and metal in the immediate vicinity, sense coming earthquakes and eruptions, sense flaws in stone structures and their foundations, and detect and evaluate earth magic in the immediate vicinity. This also provides a +4 bonus to relevant checks, such as when appraising or crafting an appropriate item, searching for a relevant effect, or trying to analyze an appropriate magic.
  • Darkvision.
  • The ability to communicate with elemental spirits of the appropriate type.
  • A +4 bonus on saves against Poison, Sleep, Paralysis, and Stunning effects.
  • The ability to inflict 1d6 lethal damage in unarmed hand-to-hand combat. They are never considered unarmed.
  • A reduction in his or her need to eat, sleep, drink, and breathe, being able to get along on only one-half the usual amount. Interestingly, this also decreases the rate at which they age.
  • Additional abilities based on elemental attunement. In Rudra’s case, she receives automatic Strength and Constitution scores of, respectively, 16 and 20, a swim speed of 30′, and Elemental Resistance 5.
  • Immunity/Dispelling, Antimagic, and Dismissal effects (Common, Major, Epic, Specialized and Corrupted/only to protect their Elemental Bond and the abilities derived from it, 9 CP).
  • Eternal Thunder: Create Item (Potions) with Harvest of Artifice, Specialized/only usable to create items related to their elemental theme (6 CP). As a side-benefit, this provides them with a +1 bonus on their effective Wealth Level (Privilege, 3 CP).
  • Innate Toughness: Universal DR 3/- (6 CP). The Thunder Dwarves enjoy some small degree of protection from both physical and elemental damage. It’s hardly invulnerability, but it is handy.
  • Short Legs: Thunder Dwarves tend to be short and solid, and have relatively short arms and legs. While this is rarely a major factor, it does reduce their base movement by 10, although this is not cumulative with the effects of armor and encumbrance (a -3 CP Disadvantage).

Thunder Dwarves can only tolerate (Con) “points” worth of regular magic items – and the “point” cost of any given item is up to the game master (as a rule, low-level single-charge items are little trouble, spell storing items are only moderately troublesome, and permanently-active personal enhancement items are very troublesome). Annoyingly enough, this limit also affects temporary external spells – although their short-term nature means that the limit is increased by the user’s (Con Mod).

Rudra Mogzul

Although she is unaware of it, Rudra is the result of an illicit affair between her mother Vandrin, clan head and major figure of Ra’Vatan’s consolidation party, and a late Water-affinity naval officer. The potential scandal would severely affect her family’s fortunes. Rudra’s mother has always treated her a bit more distantly than her siblings as a result, and it’s an unspoken undercurrent in their relationship. Regardless, she worked diligently at the Sanghesar, the elite dwarven military academy and graduated as one of its top students. Being assigned to guard duty in Ishorin afterwards surprised her. She didn’t expect to be traveling among the treacherous Shadow Elves so soon, and she suspects some maternal involvement in the assignment. Rudra fears that her always distant mother might be making maneuvers against her. That her mother made sure she was well-outfitted and protected doesn’t allay her suspicions.

Personality: Rudra tries to make wise decisions, watch over her comrades, and be conscientious. She really does. Unfortunately, she also has an unusually short attention span. Maybe it was growing up on a mountaintop, but she’s easily distracted and tends to withdraw too deeply into contemplation of water or personal matters. She also believes that she needs to prove her worth to her mother. This is where her greed comes from: since Rudra isn’t a great magical talent and her life-affinity mother is decidedly non-martial, she views making money as the best route to respect.

Disadvantages: Compulsive (greed), Inept (Wis-based skills), Recorder (letters to a trusted friend)
Duties (assigned to guard a trade expedition by Parliament, +2 CP/Level)
Total Available Character Points: 76 (Base) + 10 (Disadvantages) + 4 (Duties) + 6 (Level One Bonus Feat) = 92

Basics (20 CP)
Attributes: Strength 16 (18, Wealth) (+4), Dexterity 17 (+3), Constitution 20 (+5), Intelligence 15 (+2), Wisdom 14 (+2), Charisma 16 (+3). Rolled Stats 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17.
Base Power: 8     Base Spell Points: 6     Personal Mana: 2
Saves: Fortitude +1 (3 CP) + 5 (Con) = +6, Reflex +3 (9 CP) + 3 = +6, Will +0 + 2 = +2
Hit Dice: L1-2: d8x2 (8 CP). HP 19 + 16 (Magic) + 20 (4xCon Mod) + 1 (Wealth) = 50.

Combat Information (24 CP)
Proficiencies: All Simple and Martial Weapons and Light Armor (12 CP)
Move: 20′ Swim: 30′
Initiative: +5
BAB: +2 (12 CP)

Combat Notes
Armor Class: 10 (Base) + 3 (Dex) + 5 (Con) + 4 (Natural) + 1 (Martial Art) + 4 (Armor) + 3 (Wealth) = 30
Usual Attacks:

  • Adamantine Falchion +9 (+2 BAB, +4 Str, +1 Martial Art, +2 Wealth), Damage 2d6+6 (dice increased to d6s by Martial Arts, +4 Str, +2 Wealth), Crit 18-20/x2
  • Adamantine Pistol +9 (+2 BAB, +3 Dex, +2 Weapon, +2 Wealth), Damage 1d8+4 (+2 Weapon, +2 Wealth), Range Increment 80′. Holds 20 shots.
  • Adamantine Rifle +9 (+2 BAB, +3 Dex, +2 Weapon, +2 Wealth), Damage 1d10+4 (+2 Weapon, +2 Wealth), Range Increment 110′. Holds 20 shots.
  • Unarmed +6 (+2 BAB, +4 Str), Damage 1d6+4 (Str), Crit 20/x2

Abilities (52 CP)

  • Action Hero/Heroism (4 CP)*
  • Augmented Bonus/Unrelenting Press (4 CP)*: Adds Con Mod to Dex Mod when calculating her Armor Class.
  • Base Lifestyle: Wealthy (6 CP): Patronage grants Rudra’s armor Imperial level bonuses, making it a category lighter for movement and special ability purposes, halving its weight, granting a +3 AC Wealth bonus, and subtracting 3 from Armor Check penalties (if any).
  • Block/Melee (4 CP)*
  • Favors/minor political (3 CP)
  • Improved Initiative +2 (2 CP)*
  • Leadership (6 CP)
  • Reflex Training/Combat Reflexes Variant (4 CP)*: Gains (Dex Mod) additional attacks of opportunity.
  • Skill Points: 19 CP + 10 (Int) + 2 (Wealth) = 31 SP

*  Corrupted/not while while wearing medium or heavy armor or while heavily encumbered.

Skills (31 SP)

Animal Handling (1 SP, +3 Cha)                                   +4
Appraise (1 SP, +3 Cha)                                                  +4
Craft/Alchemy (1 SP, +2 Int)                                         +3
Diplomacy (3 SP, +3 Cha, +2 Wealth)                         +8
Gather Information (3 SP, +3 Cha, +2 Wealth)        +8
Intimidation (3 SP, +3 Cha, +2 Wealth)                     +8
Knowledge/Arcana (1 SP, +2 Int)                                 +3
Knowledge/History (1 SP, +2 Int)                                +3
Listen (2 SP, +2 Wis, -2 Inept, +4 Talisman)            +6
Martial Art/Tide’s Fury (5 SP, +4 Str)                        +9
Profession/Sailor (3 SP, +2 Wis, -2 Inept)                +3
Sense Motive (2 SP, +2 Wis, -2 Inept)                        +2
Spellcraft (3 SP, +2 Int)                                                 +5
Spot (2 SP, +2 Wis, -2 Inept)                                        +2

Tide’s Fury (Str)
Thunder Dwarves typically group their martial arts by elemental affinity, and their relatively open society means they circulate quickly. This style, using the massive falchion, is popular among militaristic children of the Water Thunder. Practitioners believe in relentlessly pressing and crippling their opponents with the ocean’s unstoppable wrath. They balance their ferocity with attention to defensive footwork, and those capable of occult techniques can quite literally channel the tides’ power.

Requires: +1 BAB, proficiency with falchion, elemental attunement to water.
Basic Techniques: Attack 4, Defense 1, Power 2
Advanced and Master Techniques: Battlecry, Breaking, Crippling (Con), Reach
Occult Techniques:Focused Blow, Inner Strength, One Finger, Wrath (cold damage)
Techniques Known (5): Attack 1, Defense 1 (“Quicksilver Tides”), Power 2 (“Tsunami Strike”), and Reach (“Receding Tide Stance”)

Charms (7)

  • Captain’s Torc: +4 to Listen, may make herself heard in difficult circumstances or at long range.
  • Contraceptive Charm: Prevents pregnancy.
  • Flux Iron: Reshapes itself according to its wielder’s will, allowing it to substitute for a wide variety of tools and weapons. Rudra prefers to keep it in the shape of a necklace.
  • Mandarin’s Pin: Keeps the wearer and her clothing clean, neat, and well-mended.
  • The Ocean’s Arms: Makes the user very buoyant, making it nearly impossible for her to drown while wearing one.
  • Resounding Horn: Alerts relatives and close companions to the user’s location when blown; user must spend 1d4 temporary Constitution points if the situation is not desperate.
  • Unicorn Goblet: Changes color when touched by poison.

Talismans (3)

  • Helm of War: Contains 4 charges of Heavy Fortification, regaining one per week.
  • Industrious Tool (Smith’s Hammer): Allows the user to accomplish three times as much work in a given interval.
  • Shimmer Mail: Provides a +4 armor bonus with no armor check penalty, max Dex bonus, or arcane failure.


The Warding Gauntlet of Cyrlinn: Some centuries ago Cyrlinn Mogzul – one of Rudra’s great-great-grandmothers – was an earth-affinity warrior, specializing in small-scale defensive tactics – common enough with the Thunder Dwarves. At some point she invested a certain amount of her power in one of her gauntlets. Since her death, it’s been passed down in the family line, usually handed on to a youngster who’s taken up a military career.

  • Earth Channeling, 5 Uses/Day, Specialized/only for spell conversion, Corrupted/the user must invest his or her own CP in the gauntlet to activate it (3 CP).
  • Spell Conversion/four spells of up to level six related to a particular theme, Corrupted/the user must invest his or her own CP in the gauntlet to activate it (10 CP). Given the local world laws, this allows effects of up to level five plus one extra level for control purposes – in this case Wall of Stone, Wall of Earth (as per Wall of Stone, but thicker and only requiring earth foundations), Transmute Rock to Mud, and Stone Spikes.
  • With a base cost of 13 CP, this is a two-point relic. Now, I’ve mostly only been letting the characters start with a single one-point relic, but – given Rudra’s wealth level and family background (plus the defend-the-group theme of this particular relic), this is reasonable enough.
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