Marty on the Cusp

It’s been a while since Marty’s Tabard’s last online character sheet update. For the benefit of the GM and other players, here he is on the cusp of fully reaching 7th level. He remains as deadly with a knife as he was before.

+1 ECL “Race”: Cartoonified (Toon) “Pureblood” Human (58 CP)
•Fast Learner/Specialized in Skills: +2 SP/Level (6 CP).
•+4 Intelligence (Normally 24 CP, reduced to 12 CP by world laws).
•+2 to any one attribute (normally 12 CP, reduced to 6 CP by world laws).
•Immunity/Aging (can expect to live almost indefinitely, uncommon / minor / major, 3 CP).
•Grant of Aid: May heal 1d8+5 damage OR 1d3 points of attribute damage OR one negative level once per three levels per day or part thereof, 6 CP), with both Regenerative options (6 CP) and +8 Bonus Uses (12 CP). In Core, this requires several hours per use unless the user spends a magic point.
•Extraordinary Returning (Specialized, Requires being “animated” with standard cel-based or 3D animation tools) (3 CP). Most toons—Marty included—are unaware that they have this ability. They have trouble thinking of themselves as creations. It would take a “mundane” friend thinking, “Hmm, that guy was a lot like a cartoon character. I wonder what happens if we base a cartoon on him?” for anyone to discover it.
•Innate Enchantment: All spells Personal Only: Rubber Fall (resembles Feather Fall, but you have to peel yourself off the ground, 1400 GP), Regenerate Light Wounds (1/Round, up to 20 points/level/day maximum, 1400 GP), Cure Light Wounds (1d8+1 1/level/day as needed, 1400 GP), Immortal Vigor I (+12 + 2x Con Mod HP, 1400 GP), and Void Sheathe (may store a single weapon in “nowhere” and pull it out as needed, half cost due to single weapon restriction, 350 GP). 5950 GP total, 7 CP.
•Template Disadvantages: Insane (most toons are blasé, even bored, in even the most dangerous and deadly situations, -3 CP).

Available Character Points:
: Compulsive (lechery), Dependency (alcohol), History (of character and his home realm, +10 CP), Duties (works for Amarant Solutions, +2 CP/Level),  Total: 48 CP L1 Base + 160 = 214 CP.

Basics (55 CP):
Attributes: Strength 25/+7 (DR 7/-), Dexterity 29/+9, Constitution 21/+5 (5 magic points), Intelligence 18/+4, Wisdom 14/+2, and Charisma 16/+3 (6 free contacts). Rolled Attributes: 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
Saves: Fortitude +2 (6 CP) + 5 (Con) + 1 (morale) = +8, Reflex +4 (12 CP) + 9 (Dex)  + 1 (morale) = +14, Will +3 (9 CP) + 2 (Wis) + 1 (morale) = +6. Smartclothes provide a +4 bonus to saves against sensory overloads, not stabilizing when dying, and chemical exposure.
Hit Dice: L1-7: d8x7, L2-5: d4x4 (28 CP). HP 37 + 35 (Con Mod) + 22 (Magic)+ 30 (Smartclothes) = 124 HP, 102 in Core and nearby realms.
Free Languages: English (Native), French, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish.

Combat Information (37 CP):
Proficiencies: All Simple Weapons, Economic Weapons, and Commando Weapons (Garrotes, Pistols, Shortswords/Combat Knives, etc.) (18 CP, 8 from Dex = 4 CP) and Light Armor (3 CP).
Move: 100 ft. (+10 ft. from Smartclothes, +30 ft. from circumstance bonus, +30 ft. from enhancement bonus)
Initiative: +9
BAB: +5 (30 CP); +9 with Knives and Shortswords.
Armor Class: 10 (Base) + 9 (Dex) + 2 (Wis, per world rules) +4 (military smartclothes) +4 (shield bonus) =29. Military smartclothes provide damage resistance 4/- and energy resistance 4. Total damage resistance 11/- and total energy resistance 11.

Usual Weapons:
+3 keen knife (+30/+25 melee or +30/+30/+25 melee, 1d4+14 piercing + 6d6 Sneak Attack, 17-20/x2, 100 ft. (magical) or 10 ft. (normal), 1 lb.) With Crushing and Hammer +35 melee, 54 piercing + 37 if Sneak Attack applies, 17-20/x2, 100 ft. (magical) or 10 ft. (normal).
In Core and nearby realms: Masterwork knife (+18 melee, 1d4+10 piercing, 19-20/x2, 10 ft., 1 lb.)
Necktie (+19 melee, 1d8+11 silencing, 20/x2, 1 lb.)
Unarmed (+19 melee, 1d6+12 bludgeoning, 20/x2)
Slugthrower pistol (+16 ranged, 2d6+1 ballistic, 20/x2, 40 ft., 25 rounds, 2 lb.)
Plasma pistol (+15 ranged, 2d10+1 energy, 20/x2, 40 ft., 50 rounds,  can be used as a tool, 2 lb.)
Usual Gadgets: Military smartclothes (3) with exoskeleton (1) and +30 HP (3), masterwork knife (1), slugthrower pistol with concealable and improved accuracy options (1), garrote-capable necktie (1), old-style notebook computer (1), old-style cell phone (1)
The old-style notebook computer and old-style cell phone are useless in Core Earth, but function just fine in any world at a 21st-century tech level.

Usual Relics:
Blademaster’s Ring (3 CP Relic):

Innate Enchantment. All spells level one, caster level one, personal-only where applicable. Immunity/Dispelling and Antimagic (Common/Minor/Epic, Specialized in protecting the user’s Innate Enchantments only, 9 CP):
•    Rogue’s Sure Eye (+2D6 Sneak Attack for three rounds, 1400 GP)
•    Inspiring Word (+1 Morale Bonus to Damage, Saves, Checks, and Attacks, 1400 GP)
•    Light Foot (Transmutation. The user becomes extremely light on his or her feet,gaining a +30 circumstance bonus on his or her ground movement speed, a +10 circumstance bonus on jump checks, as well as DR 10 versus Falling Damage [only], for 1d6+2 rounds, 1400 GP).
•    Personal Haste (+1 Attack when making a full attack, +30 Enhancement bonus to movement rates, 2000 GP).
•    Blade Mastery (+4 Competence Bonus to BAB with Blades [swords and knives], 1400 GP).
•    Ranged Strike (Allows the user to “fire” melee attacks with a 100′ range increment for the next 3 rounds, using the same statistics, 1400 GP).
•    Shield (+4 Shield bonus to AC, negates Magic Missiles. 2000 GP).
Anime Blade Belt (3 CP Relic):
Enhanced Strike (Crushing and Hammer) with +1 1/2 x [Dex Mod] Bonus Uses Each (Usable every round, 30 CP), plus Block/Arcane (6 CP), both Specialized (only usable with Knives and Shortswords, half cost).

Purchased Abilities (119 CP):
Augmented Bonus (6 CP): May add Int Bonus to Str Bonus for melee combat purposes.
Dimensional Adaptation (3 CP): Double Enthusiast (Specialized: “Identities” skill only; Corrupted, Only reduces the cost of identities he actually establishes, only changes in new world). All roles effectively L4 for only one skill point each.
Finesse (6 CP): May replace Str with Dex for melee attack rolls.
Fortune (Evasion) (6 CP): Takes no damage from area attacks on a successful Reflex save.
Immunity to Neural-Programming Memes (4 CP): Uncommon/Major/Minor.
Improvise Weapon (3 CP)
Internal Transformation Shapeshift/Leopard Genegrafts (9 CP): Leopard Attribute Modifiers (Str +6, Dex +8, Con +4, +10 Move, +1 Natural Armor, +8 to Acrobatics and Jump, +4 to Stealth, Low-Light Vision, and Scent), Hybrid Form, Clear Speech, Variants (Human Appearance). Specialized: Leopard Form Only, Corrupted: Cannot actually Change Forms.
Leadership (6 CP): Specialized: Must actually recruit followers. Marty receives 4*(ECL + Cha Mod) followers.
Martial Arts (6 CP): Inflicts 1d6 when unarmed, counts as an armed attacker.
Relic Maniac (6 CP): Double Enthusiast (6 CP), Specialized in Relics, Corrupted (must have someone able to make relics to assist him in redirecting the points). Provides 6 CP worth of Relics.
Skill Points: 67 CP + 12 (Racial) +  32 (Int) + 6 (Neural Enhancer) = 117

Bonus Abilities (no cost)
Improved Self-Development
(12 CP): +1 to Dexterity.
Mystic Link (Communication) (6 CP): Marty may sense his boss, Peter Leland,  wherever he is and may communicate with him across dimensions.
Privileges (6 CP): Wealthy, with a battle sedan and nice apartment in Battling Business World; licensed to practice battling business (probably applicable only to his home world, though law enforcement in others might find it amusing).
Reputation (6 CP): In Battling Business World, Marty Tabard is known across its New York City business community as an up-and-coming corporate raider. He’s also known among its Blood Blade Technique practitioners as someone to trust. Finally, he has a reputation as an eccentric businessman in Core Earth’s United States.

House of Roses Package (Veteran Agent)
Privilege: Access to military-level hardware and vehicles. Corrupted/access is limited by what the organization decides that a particular mission calls for (2 CP).
Immunity: Neural Enhancer can only be taken away by special surgery or by the use of spells or psychic powers of level 4+ (Uncommon/Minor/Minor, 2 CP)
Relic/Neural Enhancer (2 CP): +6 Skill Points (1 CP) and Awareness option (1 CP)
Enthusiast: Specialized, only changes with access to appropriate skill programs (1 CP)
Favors/House of Roses: Specialized, only available in pursuit of assigned mission or to maintain the integrity, secrets, and reputation of the House (1 CP)

Broad Skills (All +4 Int, +1 Morale, 68 SP):
Physical Skills (21 SP): Acrobatics (Dex) +25 (3 SP), Blood Blade Technique (Dex) +21 (9 SP),  Gadgets (Dex) +12 (3 SP), Stealth (Dex +6 from Smartclothes) +29 (5 SP)
Knowledge Skills (13 SP): Business (Int) +19 (10 SP), Computer Operation (Int) +11 (2 SP), Core Earth Technology (Int) +10 (1 SP), Electronics Operation (Int) +10 (1 SP)
Perception Skills (all +2 Wis except Search, 28 SP): Listen +20(+4 from Smartclothes) (9 SP), Search +10 (Int) (1 SP), Sense Motive +16 (Wis) (9 SP), Spot +20 (+4 from Smartclothes) (9 SP)
Other Skills (6 SP): Identities (Cha) +9 (1 SP), Wealth/Core Earth (Cha+job bonus) +29 (5 SP)

Narrow Skills (All +4 Int, +5 Training, +1 Morale, 49 SP):

Physical Skills (22 SP): Climb (Str+5 from Smartclothes) +19 (1 SP), Drive/Automobile (Dex) +20 (1 SP), Golf (Dex) +20 (1 SP) Hide (Dex+synergy) +29 (8 SP), Jump (Str) +27 (2 SP), Move Silently (Dex+Synergy) +29 (8 SP), Pilot/Flit (Dex) +20 (1 SP), Shiphandling (Dex) +21 (free)
Knowledge Skills: (All +4 Int, 10 SP): Battling Business Regulations (Int) +15 (1 SP), Battling Business World New York City (Int) +15 (1 SP), Building Layout (Int) +15 (1 SP), Close Combat Tactics +15 (1 SP), Core Earth New York City (Int) +15 (1 SP), Business Administration (Int) +18 (4 SP), Sports Betting (Int) +15 (1 SP)
Other Skills (18 SP): Bargaining (Cha) +17 (4 SP), Bluff (Cha) +14 (1 SP), Carousing (Cha) +14 (1 SP), Diplomacy (Cha) +19 (6 SP), Gather Information (Cha) +14 (1 SP), Intimidation (Cha) +14 (1 SP), Negotiation (Cha) +14 (1 SP), Public Speaking (Cha) +16 (3 SP)

Specialities (1 SP):
Gadgets/Smartclothes +3.

Blood Blade Technique (Dex)
Requires: Weapon Finesse (Dagger) or equivalent point buy
Basic Techniques: Attack 3, Synergy 3 (Disguise, Move Silently, and Hide)
Advanced Techniques: Sneak Attack 3 (+3d6), and Master Technique: Quick Draw
Occult Techniques: Serpent Strike (Con), Light Foot, Vanishing, and Ki Focus
Blood Blade Techniques Known: Attack 3 (“Bear Market Thrust”), Ki Focus (“Asset-Locating Meditation”), Light Foot, Synergy/Move Silently, Synergy/Hide, Sneak Attack 3 (“Knife-Jugular Merger”), Quick Draw

Contacts (6 free, 2 acquired in play; 2 dropped for House of Roses package)

Officer Dulandal, London police officer in Potterworld.
Peter Leland, CEO of Amarant Solutions and Marty’s direct superior.
Johnson, old fraternity friend and battling business scion.
Olivia Patterson, a sociologist and House of Roses agent researching Toonworlds.
Derek Stone, Blood Blade Technique master.
Taraq, Londinium mobster in Baelaria.

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